Wonder Woman 3: The DC sequel is also about Corona


    In the first Wonder Woman film, the cult heroine was able to prove what she's capable of. A sequel is already in progress and will be realized by director Patty Jenkins. Jenkins already has plans for what to do in a third part. As it turns out, the current corona pandemic is expected to play a role in the sequel.
    The DC blockbuster Wonder Woman impressed many viewers. The work on the sequel is making great strides. Wonder Woman 1984 continues the story of the super heroine amazon. The blockbuster already shows in the title that the plot takes us into the colorful eighties. Gal Gadot will slip into the role of the heroine again. Chris Pine takes on the role of Steve Trevor again.
    In Wonder Woman 1984 the duo deals with the cunning villain Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal). Outwardly, Lord presents himself as a serious businessman. Secretly, the comic book villain has a great aversion to superheroes. Among other things, he has the ability to manipulate the thoughts of his opponents. That should certainly make him a worthy adversary in the fight against Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor.
    In the meantime there is already some news for the third part of the series. In an interview with Total Film, Jenkins revealed that the current pandemic should play a role in history. The filmmaker reports that COVID-19 has messed up plans so far: "I pressed the pause button. The story started about 6 months ago. I want to make sure I include the end result of this pandemic."
    Of course, the work on the third film will be a while away. Before that, we can look forward to Wonder Woman 1984, which is due to start in October 2020. The trailer for the DC sequel can now be found in our video player below.

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