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    The story of the 8 day trailer: The huge asteroid "Horus" races towards Earth, Germany is in the death zone. The population panics as a missile mission that should stop the celestial body fails. Former physics teacher Uli Steiner (Mark Waschke) and his wife Susanne (Christiane Paul) want to flee to Russia by land with their children Leonie and Jonas. At the same time, Susanne’s brother Herrmann (Fabian Hinrichs), with the help of his government contacts, tries to evacuate the family, including father Egon (Henry Hübchen) and Herrmann’s pregnant friend Marion (Nora Waldstätten) to the United States. Klaus Frankenberg (Devid Striesow), the authoritarian father of Leonie's girlfriend Nora, is prepared for the end of the world: he has built a bunker. But Nora does not want to be locked up, preferring to celebrate the last days of her life with friends at an intoxicating excessive end-time party.Actors: Mark Waschke, Christiane Paul, Fabian Hinrichs, Henry Hübchen, Devid Striesow, Nora Waldstätten
    Background: The emotional story about the last days in the life of a normal Berlin family is told radically and asks the viewer the question: "What would you do?". Escape no longer seems possible, law and order are abolished, the power of the fittest rules. What is really important in the face of doom? The startling scenario of "8 days" leaves no one cold. "The premise of '8 days' has never been realized in its form as a TV series. It is cross-border and universal and in a certain way deeply German," says screenwriter Rafael Parente about the eight-part drama series. With Christiane Paul, Devid Striesow, Fabian Hinrichs, Henry Hübchen, Nora Waldstätten, Mark Waschke, the "Who is Who" German actor gathers in front of the camera. Director Stefan Ruzowitzky was awarded the Oscar for his feature film "The Counterfeiters" in 2008.

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