How Iron Man could return to the MCU


    Published 07/28/2020 08:42 AM

    Iron Man has always been one of the MCU's most popular characters. Accordingly, many fans were depressed after the exit in Avengers 4: Endgame – and they absolutely want their hero's return. That could now be possible.
    The rumor about Iron Man's return: There is still a lot pending in the Marvel universe. The fourth phase of the MCU has not yet had a precisely drawn degree, just as nothing is known about phase 5. But in the background, the Marvel team is working hard on new projects. It should be several team and solo films in order to be able to design larger connections.
    In this context, rumors have arisen about Iron Man returning. Unfortunately, there are only modest sources for this, which is why there are no guarantees or a high level of security. The rumor comes from the blog The Illuminerdi, which does not exactly describe its sources. It refers to the superhero group Illuminati.
    Marvel's Illuminati: what is it anyway? The Illuminati are a group of superheroes who first appeared in 2005. They were invented by Brian Michael Bendis. Some characters work behind the scenes here to protect the world from aliens. It's about new characters like Namor and Medusa, but also about famous heroes like Captain America, Professor X – or Iron Man.
    It is now possible that Marvel's Illuminati will be a new MCU project. It is not yet clear whether it is a movie or a series for the Disney + streaming portal. It could also be difficult to logically integrate the group into the previous story. But so far, Marvel has always been able to surprise us with new ideas – so we remain optimistic. Maybe there is even another time travel.
    We could already see Tony Stark in the afterlife in a deleted endgame scene that was subsequently released on Disney +. You can take a look at it in our video player.

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