After Passion 2 gets even sharper than Part 1


    Published 07/29/2020 11:05 AM

    If you still need a supposed proof that girls really like the bad boys, you just have to watch "After Passion". In the first part, Tessa falls in love with Hardin, although for him she is initially nothing more than a stupid bet.
    When she comes to college, brave Tessa gets to know Bad Boy Hardin Scott, who magically attracts her. Dark, outrageous, unpredictable and damn sexy – he embodies everything she doesn't want to be. She falls head over heels in love and the more she falls for him, the more she realizes that she will never be the person she once wanted to be.
    "After Passion" was already available as a book before the success of the cinema and in the written version there is much more eroticism at the start than in the finished film. Some fans didn't really like that. The good news is that "After Truth", as the second part of the series will be called, will be much closer to the book.
    The first German trailer, at least, leaves almost no doubt about it. You see how Tessa slowly approaches Hardin, even though he had scared her away with a stupid bet. And of course the two don't just meet to chat – the physical attraction of the two is practically palpable and it crackles every few seconds.
    What makes the whole thing sexier by the way: Tessa has a new colleague in "After Truth". His name is Trevor and is played by Dylan Sprouse. Sure, Hardin is jealous of the new, handsome guy in Tessa's life.
    Check out the trailer for "After Truth" here, which is part 2 of "After Passion" and will be released in cinemas on September 3rd.

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