New Mutants: Video Unveils First Film Scene – And It's Absolutely Dangerous


    Published 7/29/2020 4:39 PM

    The fans of the X-Men are eagerly waiting for the story to continue with the upcoming flick The New Mutants. The very first trailer made it clear how dark and creepy the plot will be. Now a brand new video gives us an insight into the very first film scene. Those who like supernatural horror and action should get their money's worth here.
    In the Corona crisis, it has almost become normal that Hollywood has to put large projects on hold. Sometimes production is completely stopped, sometimes filming can only continue under strict conditions. Of course, one thinks above all of the safety of the actors and film crew involved. As a result, set cinema start dates are not as secure as many viewers believe. For example, the horror sequels Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends recently had to be postponed for almost a year.
    So while many films are released much later, The New Mutants is still sticking to the current date. This was previously moved from April 3rd to August 28th. As a new video from Comic Con shows, you definitely want to meet the deadline now, even if there have already been numerous postponements. However, other major films such as Tenet or Mulan had to be reissued and have not yet received a new date. So it could only be a matter of time before The New Mutants is relocated thanks to COVID-19.
    Fortunately, a new video now gives us insights into the first scene that the film will have for cinema-goers. In it we see the young mutant Danielle Moonstar (Blu Hunt), who is on the run with her father. Apparently it is already clear who is chasing them. The trailer already shows that the mutants will oppose a supernatural being called Demon Bear. This will make life difficult for young heroes with dangerous super powers. As of August 28th, what the whole thing looks like on the screen should be shown in American cinemas. We are now showing you the first, spectacular film scene from The New Mutants below in our video player.

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