VOX stars Steffani and Bernd desperately ask for donations


    Published 07/29/2020 11:27 AM

    You know the two from different documentary soaps at VOX. Steffi and Bernie are the couple from Butjadingen who like to prettify the garden behind their own house or go on vacation with a TV transmitter in their motor home.

    Bernd is an insurance specialist outside of his prominence at VOX, Steffi makes calendars and has a creative shop. And both have now fallen into a nasty debt trap. At stake is pretty much everything they have ever worked on in life. That's why the two are now taking an unusual step: they are begging their fans and followers for money.
    In a 15-minute video, Steffani explains the reasons for her lack of money and why she sees no other way out than to ask fans for a donation.
    It is obviously difficult for her to shoot the video. Steffani is someone who never actually asks for money or pulls others into their personal dilemma. A very dear friend encouraged the two VOX stars from "Ab ins Beet" and "Camping, Camping" to take this step. So how did it get this far?
    Steffani explains it like this: Ten years ago they had to close their small grocery store in the house and there was a mountain of debt. At that time she could have gone into personal bankruptcy, but she didn't. So that other people don't have to pay for their mistakes. She wanted to get herself out of this debt.
    Since then, Bernd and Steffani have been fighting, saving and putting every cent into the house that we all know from television. So the plan was: sell the house dearly shortly before retirement, finance the old age from the profit.
    Now things turn out differently and secondly than you think. Steffi suffered a burnout just two years after the bankruptcy. Her employer at the time burned her out and then dismissed her with the diagnosis. This resulted in a severe depression. Since then she has had major problems with concentration and is exhausted very quickly, so a normal job is not an option. That is why Steffani has been running her creative shop for some time, the perfect solution to live out her creativity and work as much as her current illness allows.
    The combination of no fixed income at Steffi, but at the same time running costs that do not interest the dilemma, led to the current situation. And it doesn't look good at all. Bernd and Steffani have always made tax returns with the ALDI tax program, simply to save costs. Every year the program displayed a tax refund. The tax office always saw it differently and wanted to see money.
    After a few years, the two VOX stars then lodged an appeal with the tax office. But what they did not know: the tax liability remains until clarification and continues to increase through interest. Nobody explained that to them, and they never came up with the idea of ​​asking, since there was no evidence of such an increase at any point.
    Now it's the way it is. Bernd and Steffani therefore specifically need 50,000 euros to pay the tax debts to the tax office. If they cannot find them, then they have to sell their house and slide into poverty. Retirement plans are gone and Bernie could lose his job.
    You can hear the whole story of Stefanie in our podcast, which we linked to you here in the player. If you want to donate for the two stars from "Ab ins Beet" and "Camping, Camping" – and every little amount helps, you can do so here at PayPal. We keep our fingers crossed for them that things will soon go better in their lives.

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