Netflix shows the trailer for the Jurassic World series and reveals the start date


    Published 07/30/2020 12:19 PM

    The dinosaurs cannot be killed again. There have been more and more of them since their return. Part 3 of the "Jurassic World" series will also be released. But unfortunately it takes a while. Only in the middle of next year can you look forward to a visit to the dino cinema.
    Netflix is ​​a bit faster there. As of September 18, 2020, the dinosaurs are running through the picture. The series is called "Jurassic World: New Adventures" and it takes you to the most incredible adventure camp ever. Camp Kreidezeit experiences real dinosaurs and you are right in the middle. However, there is a small flaw: It is "only" an animation series.
    So there is no trace of the stars of the "Jurassic World" cinema films, even the plot according to the trailer is more geared towards children and the big thrill will not bring "Jurassic World: New Adventures".
    At Netflix, you can watch six teenagers search for adventure in a camp and find real dinosaurs. If you saw part 1 of "Jurassic World", you might notice that "Jurassic World: New Adventures" is playing at the same time as the blockbuster. Here in the player we show you the trailer, you can find the series here at Netflix.

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