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    Published 07/30/2020 10:44 AM

    With the killing of George Floyd by officials, a global debate on police violence and racism started about two months ago. The HBO "Watchmen" series addressed this topic last year. With today's availability in the home theater sector, the series is more current than ever.
    Masks are a double-edged sword. On the one hand, if they are considered a veil of evil, they are a symbol of good and freedom, especially with regard to (super) heroes. "Watchmen" is based on this conflict in the interpretation of masking. In this alternative world shown to us, not only the evil masks wear. The entire judicial system bears them – to protect identity.
    American society, which has been led by Robert Redford for 30 years, is divided. This is shaped by an event entitled "The White Night". Countless African American women, men and children were judged by racists. The reparations paid for this, however, only reinforced the division and called for an anti-constitutional group called "The Seventh Cavalry". As a figurehead of good, the policewoman Sister Night opposes them. This is the start of an inevitable struggle for justice that does not shy away from any means.
    Humanity as superpower
    The story of Watchmen differs greatly in the way the heroes are portrayed from what you are used to from Marvel or DC. While heroes usually stand out from society as a small group, they are a part of it in the alternative world of "Watchmen". Furthermore, one withdraws from the typical abilities ABC of the action cinema and not only lets the heroes appear human, but also shows people.
    As we accompany the heroes through America's utopia, we must constantly question everything that is shown. The skillful entanglements that Damon Lindelof incorporates into his production make the series so wonderfully unpredictable. Anyone who is still good or bad here may only become clear through every additional minute of the story. So Watchmen isn't just about entertainment for the masses in the form of mainstream cinema.
    In the possibilities of the genre, Lindelof builds a scenario that should not only encourage thinking, but also rethinking. The side of the antagonists under the Rorschach mask is strongly drawn under the typical role models of the White Supremecy, but this still largely reflects society today. The series, as in the comic book, to be placed in the 80s, thus further exacerbates the shown. It is rarely clear that something that was already being fought in 1985 will continue to play a major role in 2020, which appears liberal.
    "Watchmen" in the series adaptation is another example of the high standards that are placed on HBO's own productions. While other genre representatives only stage a debate on racism as a partial plot, it provides the breeding ground for the series in Watchmen. Damon Lindelof has managed to introduce other target groups to a controversial topic without losing the sense and flair of hero cinema. Watchmen is not just entertainment, it is also a wake-up call and a trigger for controversial discussions.
    The mini series "Watchmen" will be available on DVD and Blu-ray from July 30th. In the player we have the trailer for the series for you.

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