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    Published 7/31/2020 4:17 PM

    The third season of Dark not only explains the greatest mysteries, it also brings a few new ones. There is an older person in the Martha world, similar to the Jonas world, but this is a woman who calls herself Eva. We inform you about Eva!
    To understand all of this, you first have to look at the new findings. So we see Jonas at the end of the second season with Martha traveling from the other world. In fact, the two also arrive in the other world, where Martha leaves him and Jonas is on his own. There, in turn, Jonas meets another Martha who has no idea who he is. It is only through an incident in the Windener caves, similar to what happened when Mikkel disappeared into Jonas-Welt, that the two come closer together.
    He brings the subject of time travel closer to her and even takes his first trips, for example to 2052. There they meet, among other things, the adult Martha, who is the counterpart to the stranger Jonas. In Martha's world there is also an old woman who calls herself Eve and she is the counterpart to Adam. Eighty-year-old Eva also has an organization, but in Marthas the world is not called Sic Mundus, but Erit Lux. They also want to take control of time travel, but their goal is not to destroy the knot, but to maintain it.
    Jonas is also part of her plan, so when she arrives in the other world, she asks Martha to explain about time travel. However, this step only serves to bring Jonas and Martha closer, so as to create the origin, so that everything happens again as it always happened. When Eva receives a visit from Jonas and Martha a little later, Jonas then has her killed because he has already unconsciously done what he was supposed to do in the world.
    Eva now uses Martha as a piece in the great chess game between Adam and Eve. So it is she who inflicts a big scar on her own younger self to tell her that Jonah's death was absolutely necessary and that she will understand it later. Eva Martha also later explains that she is pregnant with the origin and that it can only live if the knot is maintained. So she puts Martha under pressure. Like Adam, she manipulates her fellow human beings just to achieve her goal.
    At the Apocalypse, she lets Erit Lux members, including Bartosz, Claudia, Egon and Noah, travel through time so that her tokens are all in the right place and the two worlds can be saved. However, it cannot prevent an alternative Jonas and Martha from entering the real world from which Adam and Eve's world developed. They want to end the event once and for all.
    Just before that happens, Adam visits Eva at her Erit Lux headquarters. Actually, she expects to be killed by Adam since she saw Eve's body as a young Martha, but a quantum entanglement creates an alternative reality. In this, Adam has no intention of killing Eve, which is why he removed the cartridges in his pistol beforehand. He takes Eve's hand and together they experience how their two worlds are slowly disappearing.

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