Erica Lust at Netflix – The erotic icon at the streaming giant


    Published 07/31/2020 3:23 PM

    Even if you may have never heard her name before: "Erica Lust" stands for erotic evening entertainment. And it has already built up a reputation with its brand name, because it also stands for the feminist dirty film. The award-winning director wants to appeal primarily to women with her erotic movies.
    And even if she focuses primarily on the fun below in her films: behind the camera is a really smart head. Erica Lust studied political science with a focus on human rights. After university, she went to the theater and then founded her own production company, which mainly shoots for women.
    You can't watch Erica Lust's films on Netflix. However, there is a documentary about working in the sex industry where you can see it. "Hot Girls Wanted: Turned on" is her name and she is mainly about young girls who are lured into the porn scene and then turn amateur strips. Few of them really become stars, most are just used for a few cheap films and then dropped.
    Erica Lust appears in the first episode "Women on Top". The Netflix team met with her on some of her shoots and talked to her about the more positive sides of the sex industry, where things are slowly but surely changing. She describes the conditions in her industry as follows:
    "For me, the series shows how the new technology of constantly available pornography has exposed us and how, with the expansion of free porn available online, we need women who are struggling from the inside to change something. We can no longer be in the dark hide and give our kids advice about the "bees and flowers". We cannot ignore that porn today is sex education. "
    We show you the trailer for the documentary on Netflix with Erica Lust here in the player. "Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On" can be found here on Netflix.

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