Witches horror in the wild west: first trailer for The Pale Door


    Published 07/31/2020 12:05 PM

    The time of the wild west was never squeamish with humans, as numerous gunslinger stripes conveyed to us. Dealing with other cultures also left something to be desired. No wonder that the clash of cowboys and witches in the horror western "The Pale Door" has to end bloody.
    The raid on a train was supposed to be the last robbery for Duncan, Jake and their gang. They hoped for riches in order to lead a quiet life afterwards. Instead, they come back to their hiding place with a heavy chest that only houses a mysterious young woman instead of the gold they had hoped for. Since outlaws don't always want to spend the night outdoors, the proposal to move to a neighboring brothel is happily accepted. "The Pale Door" takes its creepy run.
    The cowboys are warmly welcomed to forget the frustration with the screwed up robbery. When night falls, however, the reason for the initial warmth is revealed. The ladies in the establishment lose their attraction and mutate into zombie-like witch shapes who are no longer loving their guests. Is that revenge for their actions?
    The creative clash of witches and gun-mad bandits in the wild west was staged by Aaron B. Koontz, based on the screenplay he wrote together with Cameron Burns and Keith Lansdale. The main roles include Melora Walters, Zachary Knighton and Devin Druid.
    The horror western "The Pale Door" will be released in cinemas in August. When and how we can see the film in this country is still unclear. A home cinema release in late summer or autumn would be possible, which can score with a creative story instead of big Hollywood names. In the video player below we show you the first trailer.

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